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C1, Towing and Confidence Building Courses

Helping drivers succeed and grow in confidence


C1 (7.5 Tonnes) Training and Test

C1 (7.5 tonne) Training and Test.  For those who need the C1 category adding to their licence to drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, such as Ambulances (Paramedics), Horseboxes, Motorhomes and Large Vans.  Training and test is usually completed over 2 consecutive days and includes both tests (3a, reverse and 3b on road drive)

Based in Chesterfield and covering Sheffield Test Centre.


C1 Test and Training (including test fees) £795 

Towing Courses

Although it is not a legal requirement to have training before you tow it is highly recommended, especially if you have never towed before or if it has been a while and you need to brush up your skills.  Driver Training offers a half day course (3 hours) and a full day course (5 hours), both courses cover safe hitching and unhitching, loading, driving on a variety of roads and reversing in different situations.  For those who have never towed before we would recommend the full day course as this goes into more depth in all areas. Specialising in the Equine Industry and with over 20 years experience transporting horses I can offer advice and guidance in this area if required.  Based in Chesterfield.

Half Day Course £150

Full Day Course £250

Confidence Building Courses

Do you own a large vehicle (Motorhome, Horsebox etc) and just don't feel confident when driving it? If so this is the course for you! Undertaken in your own vehicle and tailored to your own specific requirements this course focuses on the areas that you feel you need the most help with to allow you to gain confidence and enjoy your vehicle! I generally cover a 20 mile radius from Chesterfield but please contact me if you are outside of this area to discuss.

3 hours course £150

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